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Highlighted HVAC services from Jeff Mackay Mechanical
July 4, 2022 at 10:00 PM
Image of a family spending time together in comfort because they schedule regular HVAC services in New Hampshire.

Your HVAC system keeps your property warm in the winter and cool in the summer and improves the air quality indoors all year. Most people don’t give their heating and air conditioning a second thought until it malfunctions.

A broken system on the hottest or coldest day of the year is not only uncomfortable but also stressful to find someone to repair it quickly. It may even need replacement in some cases, leaving you and your family stranded for days without climate control. By scheduling regular HVAC services, a professional will ensure your system is in optimal condition by repairing or replacing parts long before they break. Here are a few of the specialty HVAC services we provide at Jeff Mackay Mechanical.

Boiler Servicing

Your home’s boiler should be serviced every 12 months for the warranty and to ensure it’s operating at peak performance. An expert technician will check all the parts during boiler servicing and replace anything worn or broken. They’ll measure the gas pressure and check for leaks. An annual service check will give you ample warning if your boiler isn’t running as well as it could be.

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Air Duct Cleaning

During an air duct cleaning, professional HVAC technicians use special equipment to clean the vents, grills, and fans thoroughly. Scheduling a cleaning twice a year safeguards the air quality of your property by ensuring there’s no dust, dirt, or debris clogging the vents and grills. Cleaning usually includes a visual inspection to make sure air ducts are in good condition.

Water Heater Maintenance and Repair

If your water heater breaks, it may seem like it always happens at the worst possible moment. Regular maintenance goes a long way to preventing an emergency repair. Even if you suddenly lose hot water, it doesn’t mean you have to replace the appliance. HVAC services include the maintenance and repair of water heaters so that you can get the full lifespan out of your machine.

Gas Appliance Maintenance and Repair

No matter how experienced a DIY-er you may be, it’s crucial to leave the repair and maintenance of gas appliances to professionals. HVAC services include cleaning and examining parts to ensure the seals are tight and there are no leaks or corrosion.

Air Conditioning Services

When a home doesn’t get as cool as it used to, or utility bills skyrocket during the summer, it may be because the air conditioner needs service. Before the summer months, schedule HVAC services for your residential or commercial air conditioner to ensure it’s in good working order.

Furnace Services

Just as you should have your air conditioner examined every spring, bring in HVAC services for your furnace every fall. With unpredictable weather patterns and extreme temperatures, you never know when you’ll put extra strain on your furnace. With annual service, you get the peace of mind that your home will stay warm and cozy no matter what winter brings.

Annual HVAC Inspection

As a property owner, it’s essential to schedule annual HVAC inspections to protect your property and the air quality inside your home or business. A yearly check will give you ample warning about the need to repair or replace equipment and ensure the climate control system will keep operating efficiently.

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Jeff Mackay Mechanical works with residential and commercial property owners to show them the benefit of annual HVAC maintenance. A mechanical professional can perform regular service to keep heating and cooling systems operating at peak performance. You’ll also avoid the disruption, discomfort, and expense of emergency repairs when something malfunctions. Jeff Mackay grew up in the HVAC business. He knows a wide variety of systems inside and out, enabling him to work efficiently at every service appointment. Keep your home or office comfortable all year when you schedule service with Jeff.

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